Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to lose BELLY FAT

How Does Belly Fat Harm You?

Wow – My belly fat feels like it will NOT disappear regardless of how hard I wish it away. I wish I will wake in the morning and my stomach is flat. Oh how I wish that when I suck in my stomach it will stay flat.

Did you know that belly fat does not lay idle around my waistline; it is an active “organ” in your body that releases substances like hormones and inflammation?!!
But as I said above it is ONLY “a wish.” We have to actually do something about it. How? 

There are three (3) things we can do about it:
Step 1: Make a choice to change it. Choose a program and support system that will assist you in kick starting you on your quest to burn the fat and drop the weight (forever).
Step 2: Make lifestyle change in your eating habits. Remember I didn't say go on a diet, what word derives from diet? “Die.” I don’t want you to “die” because you have chosen to "live your best life" by choosing a program that can assist you burning the fat/losing the weight and keeping it off.
Step 3: Start moving – making gradual steps in the right direction. Start with walking say 1 mile per day, then set a goal to improve the next week to 1.5 and it gets easier with time.
Note: Step 2 & Step 3 MUST be continued for the rest of your "live a better life" journey. 

Risk factors of belly fat

"Abdominal fat is thought to break down easily into fatty acids, which flow directly into the liver and into muscle," says Lewis Kuller, MD, DPH, professor and past chair of epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health.
So, what really happens when this occurs? Well, you have actually started off a chain reaction of disaster in your body, which includes, increase production of LDL “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides.
What are triglycerides? These are a type of fat found in your blood
Once this continues and the chain is NOT broken i.e. you don’t choose to “live a better life”; then another link is added to the chain, i.e. your insulin can become less effective in controlling blood sugar, and results in you becoming insulin resistance. Oh, it continues, and NOW your blood sugars get out of balance. But it does not stop there either!!!! Fats and clots get into the bloodstream, and that sets the stage for diabetes, heart disease and more.
By now you get the point. However, I don’t want you to JUST get the point or get scared; I want you to “STOP - TAKE ACTION”.
It will be unfair if I don’t arm you with all the dangers that lurk with having belly fat.
Are you ready? OK – Research has shown that abdominal fat triggers a change in angiotensin, thus increasing the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease.
What is angiotensin? A hormone that controls blood vessel constriction
To summarize I will say the combination of the risk factors above from having high levels of belly fat, has a direct impact on your quality of life and mortality.

This blog stems from my recent journey on my quest to “live a better life”. My great success is attributed to following the three steps above and learning that I was a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode – in a very bad way.  

My passion for life and my deep-seated desire to help others have compelled me to share my transition photos and show you how you can do the same.


I know there is someone right NOW who is reading this blog and has been wishing or praying or even trying to lose your belly fat by trying everything. Also, I know this is probably NOT the first time you reading/hearing of the dangers of belly, but this is YOUR TIME to "TAKE ACTION". Take action today before it’s too late.

Thanks you very much from the bottom of my heart for reading this blog. If you have any questions or you are looking for an accountability partner, feel free to email me.

I will also provide you a weekly plan for my phase1 program I completed on July 31, called the "F series". I am going unto phase 2, starting on Sunday August 3, called the "C series".